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Six Steps to Self-Publishing: A Book Publishing Process

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This powerful life-changing self-publishing process is the result of Miss Winn’s eight-plus years of working with independent authors. Answering questions about what should come next after the book has been written, simple tips on marketing, selling, and growing a well-rounded author portfolio. Discover how to self-publish your book and connect with your readers. Learn how to:

  • Rapidly move from one step to the next steps, make educated creative decisions, and reach others along the way
  • Heal any writer’s block, fear, and anxiety that arises during the process
  • Move beyond self-judgment into self-love and grace

Unless you have already published several books, you may not be aware of how to publish your book yourself and tell your story or a story to amplify a message and impact your audience.

Creative blocks happen sometimes when we aren’t sure about what’s the right step to take next so we postpone the publishing process and look for help. A Book Publishing Process will help you move forward to self-publish your book.

Your natural response might have been to use a search engine to read articles and watch videos or, ask tons of authors and writers in social groups only to find out:

  • No one really simplified the process for you
  • You ended up more lost because you didn’t have a real sense of direction
  • There had to be other options out there with answers presented in a more organized way

Download this ebook today and be well on your way to the answer that you have been looking for!

How I Can Help You Further:

To take advantage of the special discount on a 1-hour coaching session, simply book the coaching session at the same time as purchasing this ebook. This exclusive offer allows you to dive deeper into your author journey with personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.

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Six Steps to Self-Publishing: A Book Publishing Process

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